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Chin Up, We Can Fix That!

“My double chin looks so good in this picture” – Said No One Ever.

A Denver Med Spa understands how frustrating that pesky double chin can be. For many patients, it doesn’t matter how much they work out or eat right, their double chin remains prominent. That’s where Kybella comes in!

Kybella is a double chin treatment that is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that is designed to destroy the fat cells underneath the chin. This treatment eradicates your double chin, leaving behind an improved profile. Instead of going with other fat removal procedures, such as chin liposuction, the expert staff here at A Denver Med Spa can melt away your double chin with the use of simple injections.

If you’re curious about what exactly is in Kybella, the active ingredient is deoxycholic acid. This acid is already naturally present within the body, and plays a significant role in managing how fat is stored. When used in Kybella, the acid safely and effectively deteriorating the membranes of your fat cells. Throughout this process, as the fat cells are being destroyed, the body’s natural reaction is to remove the fat cells from the treated area. Once those fat cells are totally destroyed, those cells can no longer store or accumulate fat any longer. 

A Denver Med Spa also offers a power-pair treatment that combats a sagging jawline or double chin, while also fixing those horizontal lines that form on the neck due to aging and/or weight gain. The combination of Kybella injections for lifting, with Pellevé radio frequency for skin tightening, creates beautiful results! 

Pellevé radio frequency treatments provide gradual energy spurts to the skin, which creates built up heat between the skin and fat layer. As the heat gets increasingly hotter, it modifies the collagen that is deep within the skin. For this specific neck treatment, our expert physicians use a handheld device to deliver those energy spurts to your neck, which in turn, heat up those deeper layers underneath the surface of your skin. Heat created from those energy spurts encourages your skin’s collagen to contact and tighten, thus stimulating new collagen growth. As the Pellevé handheld device touches your skin, you will fell a deep, warm sensation. 

This kick-butt treatment combo helps to tighten the neck and enhance your chin and jawline, revealing a more youthful you.