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Laser Skin Tightening

Face A Younger You

Desperate to get your skin back to its youthful glory? Luckily, you can! We here at VitalityMD offer a Laser Skin Tightening procedure that will get you back to feeling like you.  

With this advanced Skin Tightening Laser, it provides the opportunity to tone and tighten the skin with little to no discomfort. Through this technology, light-based RF laser treatment encourages rapid collagen formulation which in turn, stimulates collagen into a long-term rebuilding process. This procedure is used to treat facial, neck, and skin on different areas of the body and is painless with no downtime. This treatment is very effective and will leave you with smoother, healthier, and tighter skin in no time! 

VitalityMD is a proud user of the Quanta Aesthetic Lasers. Quanta is highly regarded in the med spa industry and has set the tone for aesthetic systems. Quanta offers singular systems, which are aimed for specific application, as well as a series of similar products with varying configurations that address a myriad of applications. In addition, Quanta also offers Laser-based premium platform devices, which are uniquely different in regards to power and functionality.

VitalityMD is also a proud user of the Pellevé RF Wrinkle Reduction System. The Pellevé S5 RF System is an aesthetic solution that utilizes head-to-toe radio frequency in order to safely and effectively treat wrinkles, temporarily reduce cellulite appearance, and provide an overall healthier and younger looking appearance. This powerful system hosts an array of specialty electrodes that are useful in both minimally invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures.