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Wow, what happened to me? I feel like I could do anything. And at the same time, enjoy doing these things with a newfound enthusiasm. Our bodies can be beaten down by life’s ongoing assaults and usually we feel helpless and beaten down, completely fatigued and unable to get on with the life we want to enjoy. Vitality M.D.a is proud to offer Vitamin B12 Energy Shots.

These injections are an ideal addition to your health routine. They help you feel energized, fatigue-free, and give you that little boost that you have been missing.

With oral Vitamin B12, your body only uses about 1%. However, with intramuscular Vitamin B12 injections, your body is able to use about 50-98%!

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) helps with energy levels, sleep, weight loss, brain function, red blood cell production (prevents anemia), and general overall health and cellular function. Although Vitamin B12 deficiency is uncommon, some patients have experienced improvement in mental energy, physical energy, and weight loss with weekly to monthly shots.

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