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Too many women spend way too much on skin care products they get outside of a dermatologists office. Every product promises miracles. “Intense Retinol Fluid”, “Instant, visible results from the next generation of skin health solutions”, “Powered by patented ingredients”. Regardless of the price, it’s the same. From drug store brands to high-end outrageously priced (and unsubstantiated) brands.

Home care with medical grade product is essential to maintaining your skin’s health. Audace is proud to offer the latest in medical grade skin care products. If you are not already on a regular medical grade skincare routine and regimen, please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation. We can discuss your skin care concerns and individualize a program just for you! Our knowledgeable staff will educate you on which product line is best for your skin type. We’ve got several to choose from.

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*Return policy ~ Audace has a two week return policy. If you are not satisfied with any medical grade product, you have two weeks to get a full refund in the form in which you paid.

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