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PRP Breast Lift

Get Insecurity Off Your Chest.

What is a PRP Breast Lift?

Naturally, there are women our there who don’t love the look of their breasts. In efforts to help those women who don’t wish to dramatically change their breast size, but rather want to give their boobs a lifted, more youthful appearance, we offer the perfect answer: The PRP Breast Lift. The intention behind the PRP Breast Lift is to provide lift and cleavage, much like how a really good bra would. This procedure will enhance the look and lift of your natural breasts, and offer great results.

Give your life a lift.

What’s great about the PRP Breast Lift is that it is a non-invasive, non-surgical, zero downtime, type of breast augmentation. You will not have to go under the knife, there is no long recovery time, and there is no cutting or inserting implants that may not even provide you with results that you like. The PRP Breast Lift procedure only takes about 30 minutes to complete and consists of a combination of products and methods.
Via a simple blood draw from you, a small amount of blood will be taken out. After this blood is collected, the platelets are then separated from the red blood cells. The platelets are then incorporated into a calcium chloride solution which encourages growth factor release from platelets. Small amounts of injectable filler, such as Restalyne or Juvaderm, are added into this mixture, as well. Once combined, this mixture is then injected into specific areas of the breast.

Why Dr. Lovitt Loves It

Dr. Lovitt believes that this procedure gets back to the root of what beauty is all about. The PRP Breast Lift operates at the stem cell level by encouraging new tissue generation. As a result of this procedure, sensation is brought back to the breast, nipples, and areola. The PRP Breast Lift injections will last about 9-18 months, varying person to person.
The PRP Breast Lift, same as the PRP Facelift, is a trademarked procedure created by Dr. Charles Runels. With the success of this procedure, Dr. Runels subsequently trains surgeons across the country in efforts to standardize this cosmetic procedure. That way, people who reside in states from Montana to Florida can ask for this procedure and feel confident that they will receive the same treatment.