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PRP Hair Regrowth

Reclaim Your Crowning Glory

Hair is a big deal for some people. In the eyes of society, hair is oftentimes a symbol of vitality. For some, hair may be a reflection of who they are; an extension of their identity. Some people see their hair as a major contributing factor their overall beauty. However, when we aren’t happy with our hair – albeit, it’s too fine, too frizzy, turning grey, falling out, too dry, too dull, it really can effect our self-esteem. As a solution to these issues, PRP Hair Regrowth is a treatment option for you.

Upon an appointment with us here at VitalityMD, we can discuss treatments options for you to see if PRP may be suitable for your hair regrowth journey. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) that is extracted from your blood via a simple blood draw, is amazing for hair regrowth and collagen stimulation so this technique is very effective. PRP is utilized in various facilities across the US for hair regrowth and has demonstrated great results in encouraging hair to grow. This exciting option is great for those men and women who are experiencing hair thinning and are seeking out a solution.