What is Cliovana?

The Cliovana procedure uses proven sound wave driven technology to stimulate the body to produce more blood cells. As a result, there is an increase in responsiveness and arousal, as well as enhanced orgasms.

Statistically, less than 30% of women actually experience an orgasm every time that they have sex, and we are aiming to change that. Some women may be suffering with a condition of the clitoris, thus creating a lack of orgasms. Cliovana is the first non-invasive treatment that specifically aims to increase female sexual satisfaction, and is the only procedure of its kind that stimulates clitoral cell regeneration. Our trained and certified care providers will utilize time-tested technologies that are applied to the clitoris and surrounding areas, using a mixture of three modalities within our unique system.

This is a four-session treatment that spans two weeks, and has zero downtime.

Common issues you may be experiencing that Cliovana can help:

  • Difficulties achieving orgasm
  • Issues with lubrication
  • Unsatisfying orgasms
  • Painful intercourse

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