What Our Clients Say

“ Dr. Lovitt and Regina are both amazing! They are both very knowledgeable, respectful, discreet, and professional. I have gotten 2 p shots and have been very impressed with the results, it increased sensitivity, hardness, girth, performance and a tiny bit length wise. My wife has also gotten an o shot here. I would highly recommend Dr. Lovitt for any of the procedures that she offers! She is also incredibly patient and will make sure that you are completely relaxed and answer any questions you have. The different shots and penis ultrasound are expensive but they are well worth it! “

Matt H.

“ Dr Vigil and Dr Lovitt are priceless. I can not recommend Audace Medical Spa highly enough for anyone dealing with Lichen Sclerosis or intimacy issues. Would recommend!!! “

Vicki D.

Love these people, great service great care!!

Kerrian M.