April, Couple Appreciation month!

April is the month of Couple Appreciation!

To celebrate Couple Appreciation month, we are going to talk about BioTe and the MonaLisa Touch. 

BioTE is a procedure involving the therapy and replacement of hormones. Both men and women can receive relief from BioTE. Mood swings, decline in libido, thinning of the hair, and painful intercourse are some signs that may indicate a women’s hormones are very low. For signs that men’s hormones are low, that may include indication of low libido, hair loss, mood swings and even poor stamina.  When clients come into our clinic to seek information about hormone replacement, our diligent and professional staff will be able to go more in depth to make sure you are qualified and a great candidate. 

The MonaLisa Touch is a CO2 laser treatment that uses a probe which is inserted into the female’s vagina to promote collagen production and rejuvenation. This procedure is a great service for women who experience painful intercourse, vaginal irritation or the lack of natural vaginal lubricant. The MonaLisa Touch is FDA approve, and the average time per procedure takes around five minutes to complete. It is a quick but powerful option for women who need increase in sensation during intercourse and decrease in urinary incontinence!