Tighten Up!


Dr. Lovitt opened VitalityMD to focus on “Intimate Rejuvenation” and noninvasive procedures for facial and body rejuvenation using lasers as well as “energy treatments,” which use ultrasound, radio-frequency waves or micro-currents. The basic idea behind all of them is to trick the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, into thinking it’s been injured so that it compensates by churning out more collagen (the natural stuff your body produces, not the kind that’s injected). It’s as if you’re recovering from a burn — think of the baby soft skin that comes in after one heals — but without pain or scarring.

The added benefit is that these treatments have little or no recovery time. In most cases, you can go on your lunch hour and none of your colleagues will be the wiser. See our menu of services and consider Pelleve` Radio Frequency for skin tightening. The beauty about this treatment is it tightens the very thin and delicate area around the eyes that injections can’t get too or may be too risky. Along with facial skin tightening, it also does other areas of the body.

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